Using Non-Gmail ID to Log on BlueStacks

Posted by | BlueStacks is an Android emulator app that lets you run Android apps and games on PC or Mac smoothly. Since it runs Android apps and games, one of the requirements is to use a Google email account to log on to BlueStacks. This will allow us to connect to the Google Play Store which enables us to download Android apps and games from there. But, what if you don’t have a Gmail account? Can you still log on BlueStacks app? The answer is YES, you can. We will tell you how to use non Gmail ID to log on BlueStacks in this post.

Using Non-Gmail ID to Log on BlueStacks

Gmail is not the only one that you can create an email account. There are others providers for creating emails, though Google is one of the biggest. People have their own reason to choose any provider to create an email. If you already have an email other than gmail, but you insist to use it on BlueStacks, you can still do it.

You don’t need to worry if you experience the same case. The instructions from us will show you exactly how to use your non-gmail email address  to create a Google Account and then use it on BlueStacks. You can do this method to all versions of BlueStacks. Just follow the instructions below:

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How to use Non-Gmail ID to Log on BlueStacks

  1. Open and click the blue Sign in button at top right of your screen. If you are already signed in, log out first and then click the Sign in button.
    log on BlueStacks using non gmail
  2. Next click the Create account link below the sign in box for a new Google Account sign up form.
    log on BlueStacks using non gmail
  3. Fill in your First and Last Name in the appropriate fields.
  4. Under the Choose your username box is a link that says I prefer to use my current email address which, when clicked, will allow you to use your alternate email address. Click that link.
    use non gmail to log on bluestacks
  5. Then, you enter your non-gmail email id in the box.
    log on BlueStacks using non gmail
  6. Next, fill rest of the form and click the Next step button.
  7. Click on Agree to Google’s Privacy and Terms.
  8. Once you’ve done that you’ll just need to confirm your account by following the instructions sent to your email address that you gave.
  9. Now, use the email address to log on BlueStacks.


Congrats! You are able to log on BlueStacks without creating a Gmail account. You can still able to download the Android apps and games from the App Centre in BlueStacks.

We suggest you to check on the BlueStacks Troubleshooting page if you are facing other problems in BlueStacks.

Or, you can just drop your questions in the comments section below. Thank you for reading, Folks!

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