Tutorial to Free Up Some Disk Space from BlueStacks

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bluestackforpc.com | When you install BlueStacks app on PC or Mac, it will take some of the space in your hard disk in order to create a space for installing Android apps and games. The idea is like you have a complete Android system running on your computer. It is no different than your smartphone that needs some space to install apps.

Tutorial to Free Up Some Disk Space from BlueStacks

Therefore, the space that the BlueStacks took from the hard disk is not shared. It means that when you need more space for Windows, you cannot just take it from the BlueStacks automatically. Though you have more memory space in BlueStacks.

To get the space for your disk storage or in another words, to take some space from the BlueStacks in order to make the space in your disk storage bigger, you need to follow our tutorial.

Here, we will show you how to free disk space from BlueStacks.


Tutorial to Free Up Disk Space from BlueStacks

This article will guide you to free up disk storage by removing the used space of uninstalled apps from Android and make it available to Windows. When you uninstall apps from BlueStacks, disk storage does not get cleared up in Windows. Please run this tool to free up your disk space.

The benefits of doing this is to free up the unused disk space by BlueStacks which increases by time as we keep installing/uninstalling the application.

This method will affect to BlueStacks 4 or newer.

On installing multiple applications, the disk space used by BlueStacks keeps on increasing. This space is not entirely freed up even after uninstalling the applications.

 In order to reduce the used disk space, you may run the Disk Compactor tool.


  1. Press “Windows + R” on your PC.

Type “C:\Program Files\BlueStacks\DiskCompactiontool.exe” in the search box as shown below and press ‘OK’
    free some space bluestacks pc
  2. The Disk Compactor will be launched. Click on Continue.
    free some space bluestacks pc
It will close BlueStacks and start merging disk. It may take a few minutes to complete.
    free some space bluestacks pc
  4. Once done you will get a message to Launch BlueStacks. Click ‘Launch’.

    free some space bluestacks pc

After performing these steps the disk space will be reduced.


Now, you have bigger memory space on your hard disk that you can use to save more files. That’s it about tutorial to Free up disk space from BlueStacks. Hope it helps.

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