Play Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul on PC or Mac

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Play Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul game on PC or Mac for free by using BlueStacks 3 Player app. Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul is a card battle game. But unlike other card game, this game is an RPG Card Battle game where you can become a hero to save a crisis kingdom.

Arcane Straight Summoned Soul

Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul Card Game

The story of the game happens when the evil invaded a kingdom. Without leaving any words, the kingdom’s guardian vanished. No one knew where the guardian went. Did the evil kidnapped them or they went on a mission? Not a single clue we had.

Knowing that the kingdom’s guardian was no longer seen, the evils returned with their forces. This time, they were stronger. The king tried all he could to bring the guardian back, even if he should use all his money. As a hero, you must help the kingdom to fight the evils.

Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul provides an endless adventure. There are some places which the players must visit in order to save the kingdom:

  • Astelsia: Be assigned as the hero Merlin and save the kingdom in crisis.
  • Goblin Mine: Get new rewards every day.
  • Red Mountains: Receive new cards as a reward after challenging yourself.
  • Mad Assistant’s Lab: Save Dr. Zweistein from frightening mutants.
  • Arena: Fight monsters.

Get more damage by mixing and matching the card on Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul. Match the card types and elements to increase the damage up to 100 times. Don’t be afraid to do a little experiment by combining the elemental types and skills. Create a great strategy by understanding the uniqueness and skill of each card.


Collect more than 350 cards. Manage your collections of pixel art heroes. There are many types of cards: Normal, Rare, Hero and Legend. Get them all to complete your collection.

Download Arcane Straight Summoned Soul on PC Windows

Download Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul on PC or Mac

BlueStacks 3 Player App will help you to play Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul on PC Windows or Mac. BlueStacks 3 app is one of the best Android emulator apps that can run smoothly on PC Windows or Mac. Get more detail information about BlueStacks 3 app on this page. Follow the steps below to install BlueStacks 3 on PC Windows or Mac.

1. Download BlueStacks 3 App for PC or Mac from this link: Download BlueStacks 3 App.
2. Follow the on screen instructions to install BlueStacks 3 app on PC Windows or Mac.
3. Once finished, type Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul on the search box. The app will show up and install it.

The icon will appear on the home screen on BlueStacks 3 app when it has been successfully installed. Open the game to play Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul on PC Windows or Mac immediately.

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