How to Turn on Advanced Graphics Engine Mode on BlueStacks

Posted by | Many Android games and applications have stunning graphics. When you play them on BlueStacks, of course they also require advanced graphics. Hence, you should turn on Advanced Graphics Engine Mode on BlueStacks.

There are issues like app crash, flickering, black screen, graphics-related issues, black screen, distorted graphics, patches, white screen, etc that will appear if the graphics on your BlueStacks is not good. Therefore, switching on the Advanced Graphics Engine mode on BlueStacks is essential.


We will not waste your time any longer. In the section below, we have provided a simple method to help you turn on the Advanced Graphics on BlueStacks. Just follow the instructions thoroughly. So, here we go:

How to Turn on Advanced Graphics on BlueStacks

  1. Click on BlueStacks >> Preferences on the right hand upper corner as shown in the screenshot below.
    turn on advanced graphics on bluestacks
  2. Then, click on “Engine” option in the BlueStacks preferences as shown below.
    fix bluestacks issue
  3. Next, you will find Advanced graphics engine mode, check mark this option.
    advanced graphics mode on
  4. Now, upon check marking it, “Restart now” button will appear, click on it.
    turn on advanced graphics engine

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That’s it! The Advanced Graphics mode on BlueStacks is now on. You should have fantastic graphics now while playing the applications on BlueStacks.

Now, you should have fix some issues on BlueStacks, such as app crash, flickering, and graphics-related issues, such as black screen, distorted graphics, patches, white screen, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to write in the Comments section below. We will do our best to help you. Thank you for reading bluestackforpc. Have a nice day, Folks!

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