How to Stream on Twitch for PC or Mac

Posted by | Watch livestream gaming videos on your computer using Twitch for PC Windows or Mac. This app lets you stream your favourite games like PUBG, Mobile Legends, or strategy games for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can also broadcast while playing games too. Learn how to stream on Twitch for PC or Mac in this post.

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Twitch also allows you to do live chat with the streamer. Ask them about the tips and tricks of playing the games. One of the popular streamers in Twitch is Ninja. He is so expert in playing games. Watch him playing games and you will understand why he is popular.

This app gives you experience of live streaming and gamer chat in your hand. But, watching the live streaming in a small device can make your eyes get tired easily. Therefore, you should try to have it on a bigger screen like a PC. Here, we will show you how to download and install Twitch for PC or Mac.

Download Twitch for PC or Mac

Application Information
File name: Twitch
File size: 24MB
Category: Entertainment
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7 or Mac
Author: Twitch Interactive, Inc.

Download Twitch APK

Important notes:
To play the game on computer, you cannot just download the file above. Read the complete instructions from the section below to know how to install it on PC or Mac.


How to Download Twitch Livestreaming for PC or Mac

We will use the Android emulator to install Twitch on Windows or Mac computer. There are Android emulator apps that you can use like Nox and BlueStacks. But, in this post, we are using BlueStacks as our preferred one.

  1. Firstly, get a copy of BlueStacks from the link: Download BlueStacks installer file.
  2. Wait until the download finishes. It may take a bit longer since the file is around 400MB. Please be patient.
  3. While waiting for it, you can download Twitch APK from the link above.
  4. After the BlueStacks download progress is completed, double click on the installer file to start the installation.
  5. Just follow all steps you see on your monitor to finish the installation.
  6. Then, go back to the desktop and click on the BlueStacks icon to open the app.
  7. Insert your Gmail account to complete the setup on BlueStacks for PC or Mac. Leave it to run in the background.
  8. Locate the Twitch APK you have downloaded earlier.
  9. Drag and drop the Twitch APK to the BlueStacks dashboard. The installation will begin.
  10. Twitch for PC or Mac is ready when you’ve seen the icon on BlueStacks. Enjoy the app.

Features of Twitch

  1. Watch gamers play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 18, League of Legends and much more. Stream content from the biggest MMO RPG, MOBA, strategy and FPS games out there, or settle in for nail-biting Esports tournaments.
  2. Live chat during any gaming, Esports and IRL broadcast. Talk Hearthstone strategy with fellow gamers or content yourself with live streaming art demos in silence.
  3. Broadcast your gaming content! Livestream your Overwatch killstreak on Xbox One, build Minecraft monoliths on Nintendo Switch, take down your Fortnite enemies on PS4, or show off your Hearthstone cards on PC!

How to Stream on Twitch

Do you want to be a streamer? You can broadcast yourself on Twitch while playing games. There are two common ways that you can do to stream on Twitch: Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or XSplit.

OBS supports multiple platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac. It is free and an open source. So, you need to set up a bit before using it. In the other hand, XSplit is only available for Windows. You must purchase the subscription to use the complete features.

We will show you how to stream on Twitch using both OBS and XSplit. Choose the one that suits your needs. But, you should set up your Twitch page in the first place.

Setting Up Twitch Page

  1. Login to
  2. Choose Dashboard from the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.
  3. how to stream on twitch
  4. Find a game you want to play under the Playing tab.
  5. how to stream on Twitch for pc
  6. Write a title for your broadcast.
  7. stream on twitch for mac

Method 1 – Using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

STEP 1 – Setting up the OBS

  1. Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
  2. Right click on the OBS file and choose Run as Administrator.
  3. In the settings menu, choose Broadcast Settings.
    broadcast settings
  4. Select Twitch in the Streaming Service and press on Optimize on the bottom.
    streaming service
  5. Go back to the Twitch dashboard and choose Stream Key.
    stream key 2
  6. Copy the code and paste in the Stream Key box in the Broadcast Settings and press on OK.
    stream key

STEP 2 – Stream on Twitch with OBS

  1. On the main OBS dashboard, right-click on the Sources box and choose Add > Game Capture.
    game capture
  2. Choose Your Game of choice from the drop-down menu and press OK.
    game of choice
  3. Right-click on the Sources box again to add any additional feeds. Add images and text to customize your layout. Use Monitor Capture to show anything on your display or choose Video Capture to use your webcam.
    monitor capture
  4. Select Preview Stream and Edit Scene to tweak your stream layout to your liking.
    preview stream
  5. Choose Start Streaming on the OBS dashboard. You’re now live!
    start stream on twitch for pc


Method 2 – Stream Twitch with XSplit

STEP 1 – Setting Up XSplit

  1. Open XSplit.
  2. Choose Broadcast >Add Channel > Twitch.
    stream on twitch with xsplit
  3. Select Authorize and insert your Twitch username and password.
    stream on twitch with xsplit
  4. Select Finish. XSplit will automatically set an optimal resolution.
    stream on twitch with xsplit
  5. Edit your stream properties and click OK.
    start stream

STEP 2 – Stream on Twitch with XSplit

  1. On the Screen Sources section, select Add.
  2. Hover over Game Capture and choose the game.
  3. Select Add again to bring in any additional sources, such as images or your webcam feed.
  4. Drag and resize each source as you want.
    how to stream on twitch
  5. Choose Broadcast > Twitch. You’re now live!
    how to stream on twitch


That’s all about Twitch for PC Windows or Mac. Hope it helps. Who are your favourite streamers in Twitch? Share with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading. Happy watching, Folks!

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