How to Set Location Provider on BlueStacks

Posted by | It is quite common for Android apps to ask for location of yours. If you are using the applications on your mobile phone, it might not be a problem. But, how if you are running the apps on BlueStacks for PC or Mac? We have the answer for that. Read the tutorial on how to set location provider on BlueStacks.

Some Android apps that deal with location usually ask for the location in a regular basis. Even, a game like Pokemon Go app also requires location when you are using it. Thus, you must enable the location feature to use the app.

how to set location on BlueStacks

How to Set Location on BlueStacks for PC

In this article, we will show you the steps to set and change location on BlueStacks. So, you can keep using the application that uses location as the requirement.

The steps are quite easy to follow. Moreover, it affects all versions of BlueStacks. Here we go:

  1. Run the application that requires location. You will see the Set Location button in the corner of the bottom bar.
    how to set location on BlueStacks
  2. Clicking on Set Location will open the world map. Please ensure the mock location is enabled. You may click on search and type the location you require. The image below shows the current location is New York, United States.
    how to set location on BlueStacks
  3. Enter the location you need to change and click on Search.
    how to set location on BlueStacks
  4. Please refer to the image.
    how to set location on BlueStacks
  5. Now, it will change and set your location to the newly entered address.

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That’s it! Now, you can set the location on BlueStacks. You need no worry about the applications that require location while running them on BlueStacks for PC or Mac.

Setting up a location requires more power. But, since you are using BlueStacks for PC, you should not worry about it any more.

Check the BlueStacks Tips and Tricks for more troubleshooting. If you happen to have questions or suggestion, feel free to drop in the Comment section. Thank you, Folks!

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