How to Root BlueStacks 3/4/N

Posted by | Talking about an Android emulator app, it is undoubted that BlueStacks is one of the best apps. This app brings a new experience to enjoy Android apps and games on PC Windows or Mac. The performance and the graphic, by far is stunning. However, similar to Android devices, there are some apps that require root to be installed. If you are using those kind of apps, then you must root BlueStacks in the first place. Hence, in this post we are going to share how to root BlueStacks 3, 4 or N.

how to root bluestacks

Rooting BlueStacks 3/4/N means that you will gain full control of the Android system. It gives you authorities to install apps that require root as we previously mentioned. You just need to follow the instructions that we provide in this article.

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After you have downloaded the BlueStacks, install it on your PC Windows right away. The instructions are provided in the article. Read the system requirement too, so that you know which version of BlueStacks that fits to your computer.

How to Root BlueStacks 3/4/N

There are two methods that we are going to proceed in order to get the root access of BlueStacks. You can choose either way that you think is easy for you. We don’t want to waste your time any longer. Let’s try them:

Method 1 – Using Kingroot APK

The first method is using a popular root app, Kingroot. Android users must have known this popular app to gain the root access on their Android devices. Like its name, Kingroot APK has a good reputation in rooting Android gadgets. It has a great percentage of succeed. Thus, we are going to use Kingroot APK to root BlueStacks 3/4/N.

Note: You should have internet connection otherwise Kingroot APK won’t work.

1. First thing you need to do is download and install Kingroot APK on BlueStacks app.
2. When the installation is completed, open Kingroot on BlueStacks.
3. The Kingroot will show a notification “root status error: Fix” or “Device is not Root yet” (Try new Root strategy). It shows that your device hasn’t rooted yet.

Kingroot APK

4. Then, click on the Try Root button to initiate the root process. The Kingroot will then try to install the su binary in BlueStacks app.
5. Please be patient til it is completed. It may take a few minutes to be finished.

Root bluestacks

6. Now, reboot your BlueStacks app.

You should have successfully rooted your BlueStacks. The Kingroot is absoluty the best rooting app. But if you experience an error due to unknown reason, you might try the second method.

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Method 2 – Using BlueStacks Tweaker

In the second method, we are going to root BlueStacks using BlueStacks Tweaker. This app is as powerful as Kingoroot app. Not only rooting, it lets you to change the device id, GUID, and even IMEI number. Just follow the instructions below to do so:

1. First of all, download BlueStacks Tweaker tool from here.
2. Run BlueStacks Tweaker as administrator by right clicking on the tool app and select Run as administrator.
3. You will see the dashboard of the app. Go to the Main tab and click on the Force Kill BS to stop all BlueStacks activities on your computer.

bluestacks tweaker

4. Wait until the BlueStacks and ADB lights on the top right corner turn red and switch to Helpers tab. Click on the Unlock button next to the root for BlueStacks.

root bluestacks 3

5. Go back to the Main tab and click on the Start BS button to run the BlueStacks activities.

root bluestacks 4

6. Switch to the Helpers tab once again and hit on the Patch button. The patching process will run and you will see RootPatch: True notification when it is completed.

root bluestacks n

7. Still in the same tab, press on the Install SuperSu. This app is like the manager app to manage the root access in BlueStacks.

how to root bluestacks 3

8. Check on the BlueStack and find SuperSU app. Open the app and if you are asked to install the Su Binary, just click on Next and choose Normal. Press OK when it’s done.

BS Tweaker also can help you improving the BlueStacks performance as well as customizing the BlueStacks app.

How to Verify If BlueStacks Rooted

1. To make sure if the BlueStacks has rooted successfully, download Root Checker.
2. Install Root Checker on BlueStacks app and run the app.
3. Tap on the verify root access button to start the verifying.
4. The Root Checker app will check for it and it will prompt you to grant the root access permission. Click on the Grant button.

root checker

5. The result should appear like the image below it is rooted.

We suggest you to repeat the instructions from the beginning if the rooting fails.



Those were the methods to root BlueStacks 3/4/N. They are pretty easy to do and can be done in a few minutes. As you have gained the root access in BlueStacks 4/3/N, you can install the applications that require root on your BlueStacks now. Hope it helps you to get the root access.

Which method that you prefer? For queries or suggestions, feel free to drop in the comments section. We would try our best to answer it.

Please share this article if you find it useful for your friends or others. Thank you for reading bluestackforpc, Folks!

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