How to Play Free Fire on BlueStacks for PC

Posted by | Do you play Garena Free Fire on your desktop computer? If you are wondering how to do it, we suggest you to read the tutorial on this page. While if you have downloaded Free Fire on your Windows PC and are wondering how to play it, you can read the tutorial in this post. Here, we will tell you how to play Free Fire on BlueStacks for PC.

how to play Free Fire for PC

Play Free Fire on PC Windows

Many BlueStacks users are a bit confuse when playing Free Fire on PC Windows using BlueStacks. The control is obviously a bit different compared to the smartphone. But, you should not worry anymore. With the tutorial from us, your accuracy and response time in the Battle Royale will improve.

Yes, by following the steps in this post, you will have a better experience in playing Free Fire on BlueStacks for PC. This will help you when you land in heated areas in Free Fire like the power plant.

Note: The tutorial will affect BlueStacks or above. So, if you are using older version of BlueStacks, download the update in this page.

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How to Play Free Fire on BlueStacks

  1. If you launch Free Fire and start a battle on BlueStacks, the game will be loaded with the following default control scheme:
    play free fire pc
  2. The default control scheme is more than sufficient for a comfortable gameplay.
  3. You may toggle key overlay by clicking on the key overlay button. You may also set the opacity for key overlay using the slider.
    how to play free fire pc
  4. For flawless experience please use the BlueStacks settings shown below before playing the game.
    play Free fire for windows
  5. You are now ready to become the king of the island: The only thing left to do is to eliminate 49 players. Well, this won’t be that hard after starting to use your keyboard and mouse, you can be sure of that.


Well done! Now, you have a better accuracy in playing Free Fire on PC Windows. Beat your enemies and be the last man standing to win the game.

For more BlueStacks Tips and Tricks, read the article on this page. Happy playing, Folks!

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