How to Fix Microphone Issues on BlueStacks 4

Posted by | As one of the best Android emulator apps, BlueStacks is not a perfect app. Some errors likely happen while the users are running an app on it. One of the errors deals with the microphone or the sound. If you are facing this problem, we suggest you to read this post. Here, we will discuss how to fix no/low sound or Microphone issues on BlueStacks 4.

There are apps or games that needs microphone, such as Viber, WeChat, PUBG and many more. Those apps allow the users to communicate via BlueStacks. It would be troublesome if they have Microphone issue on BlueStacks 4.

There are some reasons why the microphone is not working properly on BlueStacks app. It could be the volume control or the microphone settings that causes the issue. Therefore, we are going to check them.

Let’s directly jump to the steps to fix the microphone issue on BlueStacks.


How to Fix Microphone Issues on BlueStacks 4

There are three settings that you need to check in order to solve the problem. Just follow the instructions below:

Method 1 – BlueStacks Settings

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ icon on the top bar.
    fix microphone issue bluestacks
  2. Click on ‘Volume Control’ and maximize it by clicking on ‘+‘ as many times, so it becomes grayed out as shown below.
    settings volume

Method 2 – Volume Mixer on Windows

  1. Go to Windows task bar, right-click on volume icon. Click on ‘Open Volume Mixer’.
    sound issue bluestacks
  2. Make sure that the Speaker icon for ‘BlueStacks Android Host’ is not muted. Also, you may maximize the volume of ‘BlueStacks Android Host’.
    sound problem bluestacks

Method 3 – Microphone Settings

For resolving issues with the microphone, please ensure that the default system microphone is set to optimal settings.

  1. Open the “Run” dialogue box by pressing the “Windows” key and “R” together, type the command “mmsys.cpl” and click on “Ok”.
    no sound problem
  2. On the Sound window, click on the “Recording” tab.
    microphone problem
  3. Highlight the Default microphone device on your system and then click on Properties as shown below.
    microphone error
  4. Click on the “Levels” tab and then set the levels as mentioned below. You may boost the microphone in case you are experiencing low microphone levels even after setting the microphone levels to 100%. Click on “Apply” or “Ok” to save the changes.
    microphone error bluestacks

The microphone should have worked properly now. If you still encounter a problem with the sound, you can just reinstall the BlueStacks.

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Those were the methods to fix microphone error in BlueStacks 4 that causes no or low sound. After conducting the methods above, we hope the problem will disappear. Hope it helps a lot.

Do you have another issue on BlueStacks? Feel free to let us know and we will find the solution for you.

Thank you for reading bluestackforpc. Have a nice day, Folks!

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