How to Fix BlueStacks Already Installed Error

Posted by | It seems that the BlueStacks latest version still has a bug that doesn’t allow the users to upgrade their existing BlueStacks Player application. An error message saying “Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade your existing BlueStacks version to the latest BlueStacks 3” appears when we are trying to upgrade BlueStacks 3. We know that you must feel upset. Thus, in this article we will show you how to fix BlueStacks already installed error.


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How to Fix BlueStacks error issue problem

Before we jump to the solve BlueStacks 3 issue, we would like to tell you that there are so many benefits if you upgrade to BlueStacks 3. BlueStacks 3 comes with many improvements that will give you better experience playing Android games and applications on PC or Mac. It also brings a lot of patches to the bugs in the older BlueStacks app. You can check the BlueStacks 3 features below.

BlueStacks 3 Features

  • Support million of Android games and applications.
  • Provide a Gift Center where you can have skins, characters, gems, golds for free.
  • Support chat with friends.
  • Play more than one games at once.
  • Support high resolution
  • Auto adjust to your PC and Mac specs.

Now, you have known the reason why you must upgrade to BlueStacks 3. However, if you are facing an error while trying to install BlueStacks 3 on PC Windows, you can follow the tutorial below to fix the install error on BlueStacks 3:

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How to Fix BlueStacks Already Installed Error

So you are going to upgrade your old version of BlueStacks to the latest version of BlueStacks 3. Unfortunately, when you are trying to install BlueStacks 3 on your Windows PC, a notification appears on your screen telling you that you cannot upgrade to BlueStacks 3. Now, please follow the steps below to get rid of the BlueStacks 3 error:

1. Quit the BlueStacks 3 installation.

2. Press start and search for Regedit.

BlueStacks error solved

3. Open Regedit and find the BlueStacks 3 key by following the path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software >> BlueStacks

4. When you have found the path above in the Regedit, delete the BlueStacks file keys by pressing the right click on BlueStacks and choose Delete.

how to fix bluestacks issues

Now, since you have deleted the data from the older version of BlueStacks, the installation of BlueStacks 3 error that you saw earlier will not appear. This error happens because the data from the previous or older BlueStacks version still remain in your PC Windows. It could be because the system failed to clear the data when uninstalling older version of BlueStacks 3.


The BlueStacks already installed error has been solved. You are now good to install BlueStacks 3 once again. Find the BlueStacks 3 installer that you have downloaded earlier and double clicks on it. Follow the instructions appear on the screen or if you need a hand, you can see the tutorial to install BlueStacks 3 on this page: How to Install BlueStacks 3 for PC Windows.

If you still face the problem on BlueStacks, there could be something wrong with the BlueStacks 3 installer. You can download BlueStacks 3 installer the latest version from the link below.

Download BlueStacks 3

That’s all about how to fix BlueStacks 3 already installed error, folks. We hope it helps you and you can play Android games and apps again. Don’t hesitate to write in the comment box if you encounter another problem on BlueStacks 3. Please share this article to help others in need.

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