Homescapes Trick Not to Lose Lives

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Homescapes is a fun game to play on your PC and also smartphones. It’s a puzzle game and to win the level, we must solve the puzzle. The puzzles in Homescapes are very challenging. Once we start a level, we must finish it. Otherwise we will lose a life. But actually there is a way to avoid losing a life. In this page, we will give you a trick not to lose lives when you quit a level in Homescapes.

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The life we have in Homescapes game is very important. We should never lose our lives or it will be a game over. I believe you don’t want to lose in the game, do you? Thus, the Homescapes lives trick from us will give you a bigger chance to win the game. This trick can be applied in Homescapes easily and everyone can do it.

Homescapes Trick Not to Lose A Life

Basically you will lose a life when you quit or leave a level while playing Homescapes game. So, you have no other choice than playing the game and win it. But, there is a condition when you won’t lose a life while playing Homescapes in BlueStacks App.

If you start a level and leave without doing a move, you will not lose any life.

Yes, you read it right. When you try to play a level and leave it immediately, you won’t lose any lives. This Homescapes lives tricks not to lose life also works though you are using a Booster. When you are using a booster, it will appear on the strategic place. You can choose to play it or just leave it after seeing the puzzle. If it’s not the case that you want, leaving it will not make you lose a life.

Then how can this Homescapes lives trick be an advantage for the players? Here is the explanation.

Increase the chance to win the level

We know that each level starts with a random puzzle. Every time you play, you will have a new puzzle to solve. You can use this Homescapes lives trick to check if you think you can win the game. If you think you can win it, play it. If you don’t then leave it immediately.

This Homescapes lives trick will increase the bigger chance of yours to win the game because you have seen the puzzle. You can keep using this trick to find the easy puzzle. By doing so, you can win the game easily and you can increase your level in Homescapes game faster.

Homescapes Trick not to lose a life

We have tried the Homescapes lives trick not lose life ourselves and it works perfectly. That’s why we share this trick to you in case you need a help to win the Homescapes game.

Do you find another trick in Homescapes? Share it in the comment box.

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