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Mobile Legends : Play to Win against Real Humans Opponents

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a brand new MOBA 5v5 game that lets you fight against the real human opponents. Choose your favorite hero and create a strong team to win the fight. Be the winner. No buying status. You should play to win the game.

Download Mobile Legends for PC and Mac

Mobile Legends Application: Create the best Strategy to Win

Having strong heroes doesn’t mean that you can win the game easily. Remember that in Mobile Legends, you play against the real human. So, you definitely need a strategy to win the match.

Create a strategy together with your team before playing Mobile Legends to increase the winning chance. When making a strategy, everyone should know the strengths of their heroes. Thus you know what kind of strategy that suits for your team.

Team work is another things that is important when playing the game. Maintain good cooperation with every team member is one of the keys to win the game which does require a great team work.

Mobile Legends: Lead Your Team to Victory

What is your purpose of playing Mobile Legends? Being a winner is the goal of playing game. But to be the winner, you must be able to beat other team so that you can reach the top.

Like the classic MOBA games, there is no hero training nor buying status. It is your skills and abilities that brings you to be a winner or a loser. Every player deserves to be a winner in Mobile Legends.

Keep playing Mobile Legends to sharpen your skills. By then you have a bigger chance to be the winner and stand on top.

Mobile Legends Application: Easy Handling to be A Master

Mobile Legends is equipped with an easy handle to play. You will have a virtual joystick to control your hero. There is even a lock feature that lets you lock your enemy so your attack will not miss.

Picking up items on the ground is no longer a bother. You can easily take the items you find. All control is easy to do. Thus, you can start focus on attacking your enemy and lead your team to victory.

mobile legends for mac

Mobile Legends: 10 Seconds Match Matching, 10 Minutes Match

Mobile Legends will give you short time to find your rival. You will only have 10 seconds before the game is started. Once you have known what team you should fight against, you have around 10 minutes to fight. The limited time given can be a challenge for you because you need to win in a short time.

In 10 minutes, you will not be able to pause the match. The only thing you should do is keep playing until the time finished or you become the winner or the loser.

Mobile Legends is surely a challenging game that you can play on your phone and also on your PC or Mac. We guarantee that you will not get bored playing this game.

Mobile Legends: Smart Al Offline Help

The biggest question that every player has when playing an online game is what happens if the phone suddenly lost internet connection? You don’t need to worry about it. Mobile Legends has a reliable connection system which allows you to reconnect in few seconds. By then you will not lose your moment playing the game.

But if you can’t reconnect because your internet is off, the system will take the control of your heroes. This is to avoid 5 on 4 situation. So, if one of the members lose the internet, the team is still able to play in a full team. Interesting isn’t it?


Download Mobile Legends for Android

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for Android on Google Play Store for free. Choose your favorite hero and create a strong team with your friends. Develop the best strategy to lead your team to victory.

To download Mobile Legends for Android, just open Google Play Store App and search for it using the searching box. Or you can just go to the popular games section. This app usually is on top of the list.

Download Mobile Legends to your Android gadgets and play it right away. This app size is pretty big. We suggest you to have wifi connection. Or at least you have stable internet connection.

Mobile Legends Application Information:

  • Name: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • OS requirement: Android 4.03+ (or later)
  • Current Version:
  • Size: 96.56MB
  • Rating: 12+
  • Updated: April 24, 2017

However, to save your time, we provide you the link that will direct you to the Mobile Legends download page on Google Play Store. Check the download button below.

Download Mobile Legends on Google Play Store

Download Mobile Legends for iOS

Mobile Legends for iOS is available on App Store for free. To download this game, open App Store on your iOS devices and type Mobile Legends in the searching box. Once the result appear, you can download Mobile Legends for iOS.

Download Mobile Legends for iOS will take some time as the size is pretty big, around 180MB. Due to this big size, we suggest you to download Mobile Legends for iOS using wifi. Or if you want to download using your mobile data, just make sure that you have enough bandwidth.

Mobile Legends Application Information:

  • Name: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • OS requirement: iOS 7.0+ (or later)
  • Current Version:
  • Size: 185MB
  • Rating: 12+
  • Updated: April 28, 2017
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You can click the download button below to direct you to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for iOS on App Store. Download Mobile Legends for iOS for free and play it right away.

Download Mobile Legends on APP Store

Download Mobile Legends for PC Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac

Is it possible to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC Windows or Mac? Yes, it is possible. Play Mobile Legends for PC Windows or Mac to experience playing this game in bigger screen. It will surely good for your eyes.

Even though basically Mobile Legends is a game for iOS and Android devices, it’s possible for us to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for PC Windows or Mac. You only need to download Android emulator or iOS emulator before downloading Mobile Legends for PC Windows or Mac.

There are many Android emulator or iOS emulator that we can use to play Mobile Legends for PC Windows or Mac. One of the best Android emulators that we recommend for you is BlueStacks Player Application.

Bluestack Player app is an Android emulator that allows you to run Android applications on PC Windows or Mac flawlessly. It will give you an experience like you are playing Android games, but the difference is you are running it on PC Windows or Mac. Read the detail about BlueStacks Player App on this page.

mobile legends for windows


Install Mobile Legends for PC Windows and Mac

Since you have known that it’s possible to play Mobile Legends App for PC Windows and Mac using BlueStacks Player App, now we are going to give you a tutorial to download and install Mobile Legends for PC Windows and Mac. Read the tutorial below carefully.

1. Download BlueStacks Player App from the official website.
2. Install BlueStacks Player App by following the on screen steps. Visit this page for the installation details.
3. Download Mobile Legends for Android, the offline installer, from Google Play Store.
4. Run BlueStacks Player App.
5. Locate the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offline installer. Then, right click and choose ‘Open with BlueStacks APK Installer‘.

BlueStacks Player App will automatically install Mobile Legends App on PC Windows or Mac. Once it’s finished, the icon of Mobile Legends App will appear on the home screen. Just click the icon to start playing the game. Now, you can officially play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for PC Windows or Mac.

Mobile Legends Application: New Player Guide

New players of Mobile Legends usually find so many questions about this game. Hence, in this website, we provide you the Mobile Legends Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) to guide new players get the ideas of how to play Mobile Legends.

How long to play Mobile Legend 5v5 MOBA game?
The minimum time to play the match in this game is 10 minutes. During the playing time, you cannot pause the game. So, once you start to play, you must finish the game. It’s better to check your internet and power before you play the match.

Why there are many servers?
Mobile Legends is the new popular games played by many people around the worlds. New servers are created to accommodate the stability of the game while playing. Thus, players will not experience lag due to the connection to the server.

What is credit point?
Credit point is one way to check whether the player leave the game or AFK (away from keyboard) during the game. Every player gets 100 point for the start. The reducing score while playing indicates that the player plays awfully.

play mobile legends for PC

How to increase the credit point?
Increasing the credit points is easy. Every time a player does login to the game, he will receive 2 points. 1 point will be added if he can finish the game.

How to decide the winner?
To be a winner, you must destroy the headquarter of your enemy near the spawn. It’s not an easy task. A great strategy and team work is needed to win the match. Keep playing with your friends to increase your team work and get higher chance to win the game.

How to increase my hero’s level?
There are two ways to increase your hero’s level, in the fight or out of the fight.

During the fight: you can get experience to increase your hero’s level by killing minions, monsters, and destroying the towers or killing the opponents. When your hero’s level increases, it will also increase the statistic and the ability points.

Out of a fight: a player can get experience to increase the hero’s level by finishing the game and the daily tasks.

What is the maximum level for the player?
Level 30 is the maximum level that every player can get. This is the highest level that a player can get.

What is the maximum level for every hero in a match?
The maximum level that every hero can achieve in a match is 15. No hero can have more level than this.

Three Most Powerful Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends

If you are planing to choose some heroes, there are three powerful mage characters that can be your option. These three mages have overpowered which will might possibly bring victory to your side.

1. Karina

Karina Mobile Legend

The first powerful hero in Mobile Legend is Karina. This hero has a role as an Assassin and Mage. This deadly mage has a strength that many players are afraid of. The damage has been a quite troublesome to her opponent. Besides, she also has a vast mobility. This hero can be purchased for 32000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. However, she has a weakness during the laning phase.

Karina is an Assassin and Mage. So she has the ability to do Kill-Steal. With her ultimate, players can get Double Kill, Triple Kill, or even Savage as many as we like. It happens because every time a player kill a hero under 5 seconds, the cool down for this ultimate skill will reset automatically.

2. Harley

Harley Mobile Legend

Harley is the second powerful hero in Mobile Legend. He is the Mage type that also has an overpowered skill, just like Karina. Harley also has the same price as Karina, 32000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. The scary skill that many players are afraid of is the ability to damage the hero through the armor. Armor is nothing for Harley. However, Harley has a difficult control player for beginners and this hero is pretty weak toward the stun and disable.

Harley is best used when you want to kill heroes whose HP is little. The slow effect that Harley has will make it easy for you to run after the enemies and kill them slowly. However, controlling Harley will be a challenge for players as it’s a bit difficult.

3. Cyclops

Cyclops Mobile Legends

The third powerful hero is Cyclops. This tiny character has a power to reduce the cooldown 0.5 second. The skill is Starlit Hourglass. The players can buy Cyclops for 15000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds. He has a fast movement speed that supports high mobility.

That’s all what you need to know about Mobile Legends for PC Windows and Mac. Download it now and play to win!

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Happy Playing!

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