Download GraviTire 3D for PC and Mac

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GraviTire 3D Game: When a Tire meets Gravity

GraviTire 3D is a challenging, yet fun game. In this game, the players should roll the tire down the street. It’s as simple as that. Though it looks simple, the players need to be careful and have some strategies of how to race the tire to beat other players.

Play GraviTire 3D app with your Facebook friends by login on your Facebook account. You can challence your Facebook friends and see who is better in playing GraviTire 3D game. To be able to run the tire faster, you need to gather the speed when the tire downhill the road. Remember that gravity is your key.

Gravitire 3d for PC and Mac

Download GraviTire 3D game for Android

GraviTire 3D game is available for Android smartphones. This game is available on the Google Play Store for free. Download GraviTire 3D app for Android on the Play Store right away if you want to play this game. Follow the steps below:

Install GraviTire 3D for Android

1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android gadget.
2. Type GraviTire 3D in the search box and press Go.
3. Tap on the GraviTire 3D app from the search results.
4. Tap the Install button to download and install GraviTire 3D on Android device.
5. Done!

The installation will take a moment to finish. GraviTire 3D app for Android is ready to play when the icon has appeared on the home screen. Start playing the game and feel the fun.

Gravitire 3D for iPhone

Download GraviTire 3D game for iPhone

GraviTire 3D game also supports iOS gadgets. If you are using iPhone or iPad, you can find GraviTire 3D game on the App Store. It’s free to download and play. Follow the steps below to download GraviTire 3D for iPhone or iPad.

Install GraviTire 3D for iOS

1. Launch App Store on iPhone or iPad.
2. Type GraviTire 3D on the search box and press Return.
3. Tap GraviTire 3D game that is appeared on the search results.
4. Tap Install to download and install GraviTire 3D app on iPhone or iPad.
5. Done!

Wait for the GraviTire 3D game installation to finish. It will take a few minutes so please be patient. You will see that GraviTire 3D app has been successfully installed once the icon is fully shown on the home screen. GraviTire 3D game supports iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, 8 and 7.

Gravitire 3D game download

Download GraviTire 3D for PC Windows and Mac

Playing GraviTire 3D game on Android and iPhone is surely fun. But it would be better to play GraviTire 3D app in a bigger screen. To do this, you need an Android emulator application. BlueStacks 3 app is one of the best choices you can have. This app will offers a better experience in playing GraviTire 3D game download in a bigger screen. Read the tutorial below to download GraviTire 3D for PC and Mac.


Install GraviTire 3D for PC and Mac

  1. Go to download Bluestacks 3 Player page and install it on PC Windows and Mac.
  2. Run the setup and follow the steps on the screen to install it on PC Windows or Mac. Check install Bluestacks for PC and Mac page if you need a hand.
  3. In the Bluestacks 3 app, click the search button on the home screen and then type ‘GraviTire 3D’.
  4. Bluestacks should find it for you in a few second in Google Play Store.
  5. Once ‘GraviTire 3D’ appeared on the BlueStacks 3 search results, click the app and install it.
  6. Wait for the download process to finish. The GraviTire 3D icon will appear on the Bluestacks’s home screen when it has finished.
  7. Now you are good to play GraviTire 3D game on PC Windows and Mac.

As you are using BlueStacks 3 application, you can play GraviTire 3D on some versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Gravitire 3d app download

GraviTire 3D app Features

  • One touch game play
  • Constantly changing universe which make the level never be the same even if you play it twice
  • Real time multiplayer with Facebook friends
  • Post your results on your wall once you win the race

GraviTire 3D app Tips

  • There is only one way to get faster, hit the gas (touch the screen) only when rolling the downhill. Your tire will go faster when you do so.

That’s all about GraviTire 3D game for PC Windows and Mac. Download and play GraviTire 3D game on PC Windows and Mac in a bigger screen.

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