6 Best NDS Emulator for Android, PC Windows, and Mac

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bluestackforpc.com | Old games never die. Though we have a great technology and the recent games have stunning and amazing graphics, many people still play old games like Nintendo DS (NDS). The most favorite NDS games played by many people are Pokemon Black Version, Pokemon SoulSilver Version, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon HeartGold Version, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario and many more.

If you like to play those nostalgic games again, now you don’t need to buy the console because it’s pretty hard to find one recently. Instead, you can play the NDS games on your smartphone, PC or Mac. The only thing you need is the NDS emulator. NDS Emulator is an app that allows you to play NDS games on your smartphone, PC or Mac. Here are the 6 best NDS Emulator app that you can use.

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6 Best Emulator App for Android, PC or Mac

1. MegaNDS (NDS Emulator)

MegaNDS (NDS Emulator)

This is a highly under rated emulator, but it does its job. Never crashed on me, no ads, and simple to install. Easy to get roms and use. Ignore what the bad reviews say. It doesn’t even ask to have excessive permissions. It only asks for media/files (cause there connected and it needs to find the games you install and play them) and (microphone in case you download a rom (game) that requires it. If your looking for an NDS emulator, you found it. Only negative is sound quality could be fixed.

MegaNDS (NDS Emulator)

2. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator
Best NDS emulator out there. Not only does it play games smoothly, but it also has a huge cheat database for AR, Game shark, and Code breaker ready for use on start-up, but it also has the option that let’s you to input a cheat of your own if you’d like. It would be even better if you could have a multiplayer function for Bluetooth or people on the same WiFi network though.

DraStic DS Emulator

3. SuperNDS Pro (NDS Emulator)

NDS emulator android

– An NDS game file (.nds, .zip, .7z, .rar) is necessary to play a game.
– Copy your own NDS game files to SD card or Internal Memory. (e.g. /sdcard/SuperNDS/)
– Use uncompressed ROM to play faster.
– If the emulator crashes due to lack of RAM, please free up RAM by closing all running applications.

SuperNDS Pro (NDS Emulator)


4. NDS Emulator – For Android 6

nds emulator for android 6
The is a great emulator that runs every game that I play very well. But there are a few glaring problems. The first one is the ads you see but that is understandable. What isn’tt understandable is why you have to see ads whenever you want to change the game. the other problem is that if you don’t use the app for about a week or 2 all of your progress will be deleted or lost. Or maybe that is a me problem I don’t know.

NDS Emulator – For Android 6

5. N-DS Emu The Eleven Edition

N-DS Emu The Eleven Edition

The eleven edition of this emulator is a free DS emu that lets you play your favorite NDS games on any Android device.

All Features:

  • Load the rom auto in sdcard
  • Support .nds, .zip of your own file rom
  • Quick save/load states
  • Fast forwarding
  • customize layout
  • Can using touch mode or button mode
  • Combine button enable
  • Cheatcode support

N-DS Emu The Eleven Edition

6. SuperNDS (NDS Emulator)

Little confused at first but not even 5 seconds later I learned that this is super easy to use. only one small problem, I downloaded call of duty 4 modern warfare and the d-pad gets in the way of the radar (the thing you use to look around) so I could not walk and move my head at the same time which made the game un-playable. otherwise you can’t get anything better that this for free.

How to install the Nintendo DS (NDS) Emulator on PC Windows or Mac

1. Download the BlueStacks for PC from this page. The file is pretty big. It is approximately 400MB, so you should be patient.
2. Install BlueStacks on PC by following the instructions on the screen.
3. Once it is done, click on the BlueStacks icon on the desktop to open the app.
4. Complete the installation by inserting the Google account on the BlueStacks.
5. After that, you can access the Google Play Store on BlueStacks for PC.
6. Open the Google Play Store and type the name of the NDS emulator app that you want to search and install.
7. Tap on the Install button to download the app on your PC Windows.

Final Words

Those were the best NDS emulator app that you can use to play Nintendo DS games on your Android devices, PC Windows or Mac. To play the NDS games, you should download the NDS Roms in advance. You can visit Romsmania page to get the NDS Roms for free.

Which app that you like the most? Share your thoughts to help others decide the best NDS emulator for them.

If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments box below. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the NDS games, Folks!


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