12 Best FREE Apps for Learning to Play Piano

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bluestackforpc.com | Learning piano by yourself is not an impossible thing to do. There are a lot of applications that can help you to improve your piano skill. Those piano lesson apps are free to download.

You will feel like having a private piano teacher that can teach you any time and anywhere. In this post, we will show you the best apps for learning to play piano. Check them out.

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12 Best Apps for Learning to Play Piano for FREE

1. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

simply piano app free

This is a five star app. Compared to other piano lesson apps, this Simply Piano is number one. People that are taking stars away for silly reasons such as not more advanced lessons. Those people knew what was included when the subscribed. And other people taking away stars for their own poor equipment. In other words, you need a decent tablet with a midi connector to really use this app. If you don’t have that, then don’t take away stars!!! Some things that would be nice would be:

  1. A list of the modules on the home screen instead of the slow scrolling screen. This would make it easier to access the modules later on while learning.
  2. A list of the songs included in the program, so you can search by song.
  3. More beginner videos, warm up exercises, etc
  4. Grading your play, and then recommended what to practice, or provide practice for things that you suck at.
  5. More advance play with songs you already learned.
  6. More advanced modules, and maybe a discount for people that already paid the year subscription (like if a new module comes out and my subscription finished, maybe 50% off for another year or something)

Great app!!! Can’t believe I am reading sheet music!!!

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

2. Pianist HD : Piano +

learn to play piano app free

One of the best, plus its completely free to look up any music you wanted. Some stuff isn’t on it, but there are a lot. It helped me learn a few that I can play on my actual keyboard. I just wish I could have it Listen and I could use it with my keyboard. So, I could learn that way instead of using the app piano.

Pianist HD : Piano +

3. Real Piano Teacher

real piano teacher

I have just started playing with this app, but so for I love it. Make it easy to understand the notes and how to place your hands on the piano. The only thing I don’t like about it is that when you are ready for lesson two its says you need a thousand more coins or give the app rating of five stars.

Real Piano Teacher

4. Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele

piano lesson
Yousician has been incredibly helpful in improving my guitar playing: my timing has improved, learning the fretboard is advancing quickly, and it has made my practice time more fun. I am a Premium subscriber and it is definitely worth it. I use this as a supplement to other materials (books and videos) that I use. For those that balk at paying for the app, remember that the developers must pay royalties to the artists to use their songs (even snippets of a song).

Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele

5. Piano Video Lessons

piano video lessons

PianoVideoLessons is the app version of the FREE full Year 1 Piano Lessons Course available from PianoVideoLessons.com. Learn piano for free! Over 100 free video piano lessons designed for adult beginners who want to learn to play piano while learning to read music! Developed and taught by an experienced piano teacher.

The lessons are paced for adult beginners with lots of explanation and progressively advancing skills. Start at the very beginning, or skip the first Unit or two if you’ve got a bit of experience.

Piano Video Lessons


6. Virtual Piano Trainer

Virtual Piano Trainer

The easy way to learn reading sheet music! Play the notes on a virtual piano and improve your reading skills. Great way to learn how to read sheet music. The best part is that this app shows more than one octave of the keyboard, which I never knew was so important until I tried to make do with Vivace. What would be amazing is if you can make it continuous like guitar hero, or even if instead of playing notes on the phone, playing on my piano and the app listening to see if I got the right note.

Virtual Piano Trainer

7. Piano Keyboard Lessons

Piano Keyboard Lessons

Learning the keyboard is a great foundation for learning other instruments in the future. Because of this, it’s the perfect first instrument for kids and adults alike. Get The best way to learn to play a musical keyboard on your own? This Application guide is suitable for all ages, and will teach you how to properly position yourself when playing, the musical alphabet so you are comfortable finding your way around the keyboard, and a load of other things that will get you ready to play your first song.

Piano Keyboard Lessons

8. Real Piano – Play and Learn Piano Keyboard 2018

Real Piano - Play and Learn Piano Keyboard 2018

Real Piano app with musical instruments to help you learn chords and music notes for free! Learn how to play the piano keys in many interesting ways! Allows your children to learn while they are having fun and improve their intelligence levels. Play piano with different kind of music with pleasure.

The only realistic piano and musical instruments learning app with free songs made by musicians for musicians and beginners! Download right now and learn to play the piano keyboard on your Phone or Tablet for free!

Real Piano – Play and Learn Piano Keyboard 2018

9. Piano Chords and Lyrics Offline

Piano Chords and Lyrics Offline

This is an application to facilitate in learning to play the piano because in this application there are song lyrics and chords piano that is clarified by piano chord images. It will make learning piano easier to understand, especially for beginners who want to learn chord piano. This application is one of the solutions.

Piano Chords and Lyrics Offline

10. Piano Chords and Scales

Piano Chords and Scales

This is a very good app that teaches the chords. The free version is giving me a lot already, more than I need at this time. You can see and hear how chords relates with scales and forms chord progressions. It can be used together with real piano and while you are studying for music theory or piano exams. You can benefit if you are playing by ear, but what to become better at sight reading.

Piano Chords and Scales

11. flowkey: Learn piano

flowkey- Learn piano

For me, Flowkey has been the best piano learning app i’ve tried. It has a wide selection of music and a nice course for beginners to get to grips with the more technical side of playing. My only issue is that, when using midi input, the app has a tendancy to freeze every few seconds when i’m not playing and will unfreeze once I hit a key. This could be something on my end and it isn’t a total deal breaker at all but it can be quite frustrating when trying to scroll through the music selection.

flowkey: Learn piano

12. Piano lessons

Piano lessons

This App is honestly amazing and way more than anyone could ask for from FREE piano lessons. The amount of time and effort made by the creator is honestly outstanding and I honor you and admire you for your hard work and efforts. I honestly recommend this app to anyone who really wants to learn the piano, it is honestly the best option anyone has for free lessons.

Piano lessons

How to install the learning piano apps on PC Windows

1. Download the BlueStacks for PC from this page. The file is pretty big. It is approximately 400MB, so you should be patient.
2. Install BlueStacks on PC by following the instructions on the screen.
3. Once it is done, click on the BlueStacks icon on the desktop to open the app.
4. Complete the installation by inserting the Google account on the BlueStacks.
5. After that, you can access the Google Play Store on BlueStacks for PC.
6. Open the Google Play Store and type the name of the piano learning app that you want to search and install.
7. Tap on the Install button to download the app on your PC Windows.



Those were the simple piano apps, yet best to learn to play piano by yourself. The piano learning apps are available for Android and iOS devices. We really hope that the learning piano apps can help you improve your piano skill.

Which app that you like the most? Share your thoughts to help others decide the best piano learning app for them.

If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments box below. Thank you for reading. Happy learning, Folks!

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