Joaca Arta de cucerire pe PC sau Mac

Play Art of Conquest on PC or Mac using BlueStacks 3 aplicaţia. Arta de Conquest este perfect jocul cucerire pentru tine, dacă vă place dragon, magie, regat, RPG, strategie și așa mai departe.

art of conquest for pc or mac

Exploreaza lumea magică pe Arta Cuceririlor (AoC) joc. Vei începe ca un luptator neexperimentat, care merge într-o aventură. Apoi, you should build your kingdom and expand it by engaging in a real time battle. You will be able to summon powerful mythical creatures as your allies to help you fighting.

Build your kingdom on Art of Conquest game and choose one of the great races: Humans, Dwarves, Lich, Rakkan and Sylph, for your army. Raise them to be ultimate army to expand your territory. You can command the troops to fight on a battle field. Bring your army to defeat the evil bosses on Art of Conquest game and get special and rare rewards.

Download Art of Conquest for PC or Mac

BlueStacks 3 Player App is the best Android emulator to play Android games and apps on PC Windows or Mac. It provides the best graphic which gives you a new experience in playing Art of Conquest game on PC Windows or Mac. Follow the steps below to be able playing Art of Conquest on PC Windows or Mac:

1. Descărcați BlueStacks 3 pe acest link.
2. Install it by following the on-screen guides.
3. Open the App Store or go to the search box.
4. Search Art of Conquest by writing it in the search box.
5. The result will appear and you can download Art of Conquest on PC Windows or Mac via BlueStacks 3.
6. Pictograma va apărea pe ecranul de start atunci când este terminat.

Now you can play Art of Conquest on PC Windows or Mac using BlueStacks 3 Player app. If you need a more-clear-tutorial to install the game, you can check această pagină.

Who is the best hero to choose?

There are three free heroes that you can choose to start the conquest games: Avalon, Avril and Rufio. Each hero has advantage and disadvantages. Asa de, you must choose the heroes carefully. There are more heroes that you should pay to get them.

download art of conquest for pc


Avalon has the Capture Resource ability which will give you more stuff when you win a battle. But this hero is pretty crucial for new players because you can call in additional units like increasing the troop capacity. You also will have a Focus Fire skill which you can use to take down the boss character.


Avril is an Ice mage that gives you more advantage in battles. But the skills consume more Mana, so you should use them wisely. She has an Ice Wall ability that can stop the enemy and divide it when needed. Use the blizzard skill to freeze the enemy.


Rufio is a tank that has more damage power when it’s fully powered. You can combine the Heroic Leap and Chopping Blade skills to weep the weaker enemies. Rufio also has Resilience skill which makes him fight longer in a battle field.

After knowing the three heroes basic info, now you can choose which hero that suits your need.

Art of Conquest Tips and Tricks for New Players:

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